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Spektofotometr UV Vis Aglient Technology Cary 60
UV Vis Spectrophotometer Aglient Technology Cary 60

The device is highly accurate, efficient and universal. It has the highest scanning speed available on the market. Spectrophotometer can examine different kinds and sizes of the samples, moreover it has a wide spectral range.

Chromatograf Gazowy Thermo Scientific TRACE 1300
Gas Chromatography (GC) Thermo Scientific TRACE 1300

Modern device which can detect trace elements of the investigated substances. This technique enables procentage adjustment of the chemical compounds mixture and identify components due to their retention time.  The flows regulation is very accurate and it enables the retention time repeatability.


Advanced apparatus used to on-line measurements of the biomethane flow while biogas is produced from the biodegradable substrates during anaerobic fermentation process. It enables the estimation of the produced biogas produced from different substrates. The device measure daily growth of the biogas increase and generate biogas production potential curve.

Mineralizator Kjeldatherm Gerhardt
Mineralizator – Kjeldatherm Gerhart

Mineralizator Kjeldatherm can mineralize lots of the samples at the same time. Precise regulation of the temperature, allows optimal conditions achievement. It provides results reproducibility. The device allows detection of the Kjeldahl nitrogen in all kinds of the samples.

Demineralizator HLP Smart 200i
HLP Smart 200i Deminalizator

Demineralizator HLP Smart works under communal water pressure. Five steps process of the water purification is fully automatic and maintenance-free. The clarified water meets the requirements of the PN-EN ISO 3696:1999 Norm for second and third purity degree.

Szafa Termostatyczna Pol-Eco ST 5+
Thermostatic Pol-Eco ST 5+

The apparature has a forced air circulation and both cooling and heating systems. This characteristic enables supporting of the set temperature, regardless of the ambient temperature.

Wirówka Rotofix 32A
Centrifuge Rotofix 32A

The device is purposed to centrifuge 1,1-100ml volume of the substrates. It also has time and speed programming. Centrifuge possesses microprocessors control, moreover it has wide range of the angle and horizontal rotors.

Piec Muflowy Nabertherm B180
Muffle furnace Nabertherm B180

The furnace has high quality performance, modern chemical pattern and huge reliability. The double walls of the device and two heating sides enable the stability of the settled temperature. In our laboratory furnance is mostly use to measure dry organic mass of the different environmental samples. 

Waga Analityczna RADWAG AS 510.3Y
Analytical weight RADWAG AS 510.3Y

The analytical weight is aimed to measurements of the weighting materials mass. The device is quick and infallible. Moreover automatic accuracy correction causes that obtained results are reliable.

Wagosuszarka RADWAG MAC 51
Moisture balance device RADWAG MAC 51

This device is estimating relative humidity and dry mass content of the small masses samples of the different materials. The measurements are precise and quick. Apparatus allows setting of the different parameters which have an impact on the results (temperature, time and profile of the drying)

Destylator Amoniaku Gerhardt Vapodest VAP 20S
Ammonium distiller Gerhardt Vapodest VAP 20S

The distillation comes directly from the samples. It possesses automatic vapor generator with high efficiency and errors signalization system. The device allows continuous observation of the distillation process due to the transparent construction.

Udział w projekcie badawczym „Innowacyjny system automatycznej dystrybucji substratu w biogazowni” nr POIG.01.04.00-165/12 realizowanego przez Baltic Renewable przy „ODYS” Shipyard Sp. z o.o.
Laboratorium współpracuje z Baltic Renewable przy „ODYS” Shipyard Sp. z o.o. w projektach dofinansowanych z funduszy UE i badaniach z dziedziny OZE.
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Statements and aims adopted by our laboratory team:

  • We tend to achieve and support high quality level of the research. We perform precise analysis on-time, moreover obtained results are reliable and are presented in the most useful way to customers.
  • We aim to build customers’ confidence due to our impartiality and technical competences. We ensure full confidentiality, the results are available only for the ordering person.
  • We continuously improve procedures and examination methods, to make them compatible with the current state of the art. Furthermore our analysis are based on the achievements of the world of science and our own experience.
  • We monitor and document undergoing processes, what ensures their repeatability and accurate interpretation.
  • Our team consists of the specialists qualified in chemistry, biotechnology and environmental protection.
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