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Air and gases

  • AMPTS device - our specialists examaine biomethane production potential of a single substrate or of substrates mixture due to the AMPTS usage. This device measures volume of the created biogas which is created during fermentation process from used substrates.
  • Gas Chromatography - to measure methane content the chromatography analysis is essential - CHvolume examination enable evaluation of given substrate effectiveness. Biogas also contains carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide which decrease energetic value and limit its industrial usage because they cause installations corrosion. This is the reason why our laboratory is serving chromatography analysis of the biogas ( CH4 [%], CO2[%], H2S [ppm] measurements)
Udział w projekcie badawczym „Innowacyjny system automatycznej dystrybucji substratu w biogazowni” nr POIG.01.04.00-165/12 realizowanego przez Baltic Renewable przy „ODYS” Shipyard Sp. z o.o.
Laboratorium współpracuje z Baltic Renewable przy „ODYS” Shipyard Sp. z o.o. w projektach dofinansowanych z funduszy UE i badaniach z dziedziny OZE.
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Statements and aims adopted by our laboratory team:

  • We tend to achieve and support high quality level of the research. We perform precise analysis on-time, moreover obtained results are reliable and are presented in the most useful way to customers.
  • We aim to build customers’ confidence due to our impartiality and technical competences. We ensure full confidentiality, the results are available only for the ordering person.
  • We continuously improve procedures and examination methods, to make them compatible with the current state of the art. Furthermore our analysis are based on the achievements of the world of science and our own experience.
  • We monitor and document undergoing processes, what ensures their repeatability and accurate interpretation.
  • Our team consists of the specialists qualified in chemistry, biotechnology and environmental protection.
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