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PROCESS PARAMETERS -  if process parameters enable conditions for microorganisms growth, feed and reproduction, fermentation process will be proper. 


FOS/TAC - We broaden range of our services by introducing FOS, TAC, FOS/TAC examinations of fermentation mass. Those measurements permit judgement of biogas plant effectivenes. FOS/TAC coefficient allows assesment of fermentation chamber load  (overload or underload).


C/N -very important balance element of components present in the fermentation chamber. C/N parameter is assessed due to the dry organic mass and overall nitrogen. Parameter disturbance tends to methane production volume decrease and bacterias growth inhibition.


Temperature - stable and appropriate temperature in whole fermentation chamber has huge impact on the fermentation process effectiveness. 


Alkalinity - pH of ambient environment in fermentation chambers has huge impact on biomethane production effectivenes. If it is possible, pH should be stable and equal to literature values. Fermentation mass alkalinity is highly unstable due to the fast bacteria action and reproduction and introduction of new parts of substrate to the fermentation chamber.


PROCESS INHIBITORS - there is any possibility that fermentation process ratio will decrese or it will be reversibly or irreversibly inhibited. Fermentation process inhibitors include technology technical and technological parameters and physical and chemical factors. Chemical compounds penetrate into fementation chamber with the substrate but also are created during methane production.  


Oxygen - methane fermentation exsists as an anaerobic process - environment without oxygen. Even trace content of oxygen has a toxic impact on bacteria action.


Ammonia - to high ammonia concentration causes process inhibition by stopping enzymes production that participate in metanogenesis process. 


Hydrogen Sulfide - gas is created due to sulfate reduction to  sulfide. Hydrogen dulfide presence in the fermentation chamber causes technological problems, for example pipeline and chambers corrosion.


Heavy metals - when they occure in the cationic form, they have a negative impact on anaerobic biogas production process.


Toxic Organic Compounds - to high organic compounds concentration such as Volatile Organic Compounds, formaldehyde, chloroform, bromoethane cause fermentation process inhibition. 


Udział w projekcie badawczym „Innowacyjny system automatycznej dystrybucji substratu w biogazowni” nr POIG.01.04.00-165/12 realizowanego przez Baltic Renewable przy „ODYS” Shipyard Sp. z o.o.
Laboratorium współpracuje z Baltic Renewable przy „ODYS” Shipyard Sp. z o.o. w projektach dofinansowanych z funduszy UE i badaniach z dziedziny OZE.
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Statements and aims adopted by our laboratory team:

  • We tend to achieve and support high quality level of the research. We perform precise analysis on-time, moreover obtained results are reliable and are presented in the most useful way to customers.
  • We aim to build customers’ confidence due to our impartiality and technical competences. We ensure full confidentiality, the results are available only for the ordering person.
  • We continuously improve procedures and examination methods, to make them compatible with the current state of the art. Furthermore our analysis are based on the achievements of the world of science and our own experience.
  • We monitor and document undergoing processes, what ensures their repeatability and accurate interpretation.
  • Our team consists of the specialists qualified in chemistry, biotechnology and environmental protection.
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